My daughter, Hannah, still lives in Massachusetts and my son Kohen attends TX State University. My son Matty is still home educated and Steven runs his own company, The Behavioral Resource Group. I retired my pet-sitting business of 14 years before I left for TX. I had been wanting to begin this new business of 'decluttering' for some time, especially since I kept running into opportunities without trying. So, the move to TX seemed the perfect time to begin 'The Declutterbug' officially :)

As of June, 2011, I have lived in McKinney, TX with my husband Steven and 2 sons, Kohen and Matty.

When my children were 2,4 & 7, we moved from Ocala, Fl. to Kingston, Mass. We lived in a beautiful 2 family home built in 1904, which had one closet total on our floor. I shared that closet with my 3 children!

I was home educating, running my own pet-sitting business and Steven was running his own business. I learned during this time, more than ever, to be extremely organized and to keep clothes, toys, etc. trimmed down and clutter free. ( I would love to help you do the same!)

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